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We give free membership to British Penpals to all military personnel and to join all they need to do is fill in the form at:

If you are not in the military but would like to add your profile to the site all you need to do is send us the following information:

1) Your name and date of birth

2) Where you are from  – country, state, town

3) A 30 word ad about yourself

4) Whether you would like our members to make initial contact with you via e-mail, ordinarly post or either. (we will need your full address if you are happy for people to write letters to you – we find most members prefer initial contact to be made via e-mail)

Send the above to us at  Head your e-mail “Free profile -blog” and we will do the rest.


Author: britishpenpals

we run a website at where you can find penpals of all ages, in all walks of life from all over the world.

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