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Are you in a Long Distance Relationship?

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Long Distance Relationships (LDR’s) are increasing in popularity due to the impact of the internet and in today’s world, online dating is more popular than ever which means a relationship between two people who live miles apart can flourish with a simple click. There are now millions of different ways to communicate with one another so those relationships can feel as real as if you lived on the same street.

Long Distance Relationships, LDR's

The craze of LDR’s is such that we have been contacted by Electric Ray who are keen to produce a documentary on the subject. If you are in a long distance relationship you may be interested in what they had to say when they contacted us:

“I don’t know if you have heard about the internet craze of long distance relationships aka ‘LDRs’ – couples meet online and document their relationship, Skype chats, texts and then they get a friend to film their first meeting –

Electric Ray which is part of Sony Entertainment are developing a new documentary series for a major broadcaster in the UK and are looking for couples who are in a LDR that have yet to meet face to face. Only one person needs to be based in the UK and the other person in the relationship can be anywhere in the world.

They want people to get in touch who would be happy for the documentary to follow their journey as a couple so far and then to film with them in the run up and over their first meeting. At this very early stage there is no obligation or commitment to take part in any filming, we are just making research calls to potentially interested couples at this point.”

If you are in an LDR and are interested in speaking to them let us know and we will put you in touch – you could be going from email to youtube to TV!


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