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Want to share your story?

We are contacted on a regular basis by journalists who write for a variety of magazines who are keen to share the story of a couple who started out as penpals before getting into a relationship. We started out on the internet in 1999 and since then we have had many of our members meeting up with each other and setting up home together. The first couple we know of who ended up getting married, with an American lady marrying a guy in the US Air Force in 2001. They had their first child in 2003 and now live happily in New York State. They were the first of many which is why we are the first stop for journalists looking for similar stories to share with their readers.


British Penpals in women's magazines


If you have a story to share, let us know and we will give your  details to one of our contacts. The normal process is for the journalist to interview you and arrange for photographs to be taken to feature in the story, with fees often paid.